Be more than a tourist. Travel for good.

Whether you’re planting a community garden in Jamaica, practicing Spanish in Colombia, or cycling with locals in Germany, every personal friendship you create when you travel plays a small part in building a more peaceful world.

Multiply that effect by 16,000 – that’s the number of people around the world already committed to peace through friendship. They are the Friendship Force.

With volunteers on the ground in 63 countries, our programs bring these diverse people together, into one another’s cultures and even homes, to share one-of-a-kind experiences not available to regular tourists.

Through these exciting personal encounters, strangers become friends – and if we can build a world of friends, we can build a world of peace.

Our members are ordinary people just like you, who travel or host in the name of global friendship.

Be The Bridge

Bridges span divides and barriers between people, places, and cultures. "Let there be peace in the world, and let it begin with me." "Be the change you wish to see". The Mission of Friendship Force International, is to cross the barriers that separate us as people. 

View this video to discover what can happen in "just a week".

Most Friendship Force Journeys are one week long.  In this 3 minute video you'll see how sharing a week of your life with a new friend can change your view of the world.

Change the way you see the world.
Our club is just one of some 350 similar clubs located in more than 63 countries all over the world. We are a nonprofit corporation committed to furthering world peace by forming international friendships. Members travel in small groups as "Good Will Ambassadors" to one or two host cities on what is called a journey.

While on a journey, members are home hosted individually or in pairs for a week in each city by members of the receiving Friendship Force club. It's a unique, if not rare, opportunity to share in the lives of a family and to learn of their culture. It's a lot more than just sharing bed and board. Members sometimes find themselves attending a wedding, visiting a school, or even observing a cremation. They may be taken to a spa in Japan, an underground salt cathedral in Colombia, or visit an ice palace in Sweden. You just never know...

In turn, our club annually hosts journeys from other countries and clubs within the United States. In addition to hosting ambassadors in our homes, we usually plan a party or two and several all day group outings to the Redwoods, Gold Country, Lake Tahoe, or, perhaps, San Francisco.  

It may sound like we are a travel club, but we are not. We are a lot more. We are looking for others who want to make international friends to better understand their culture, lifestyle and values. If this sounds interesting to you, we want to hear from you. For more information, contact us.

Rick Steves' Highlights Friendship Force 

'Friendship Force ( This nonprofit focuses on person-to-person exchanges, with locals welcoming travelers into their homes. Each one- to three-week program includes fun experiences, such as learning to make traditional lavash bread in Armenia, visiting historic Brazilian fishing villages or tobogganing on sand hills in Australia’s Hunter Valley.'  Read the article here. 

Becoming a member is easy.  Click here for information.

Learn about our parent organization:

Photos from Journeys

Sacramento club members attend a "Global" exchange in Alberta, Canada.
Sacramento club members meet the Lord Mayor of Mt. Gambier, Australia.
Visiting club tours Lake Tahoe.
Hippie farewell dinner for visiting club.
Sacramento club members attend FF Annual Conference in Marrakesh.
Cedar Rapids FF visited Sacramento in 2016
Sacramento FF visits Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2017.
Julia Smith with the St. Louis, Missouri hosts Mary and Jerry Johnson.
Julia Smith, a happy shopper in an Iowa fabric store.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa farewell party.
Amish buggies near Cedar Rapids Iowa.
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