Myanmar day 6

March 09, 2018 2:56 AM | Anonymous member

Day 6

The flight to Mandalay was about 80 minutes. We were met and immediately taken to. Amarapoura, a previous capital. There is a very old pagoda that used to be covered with gold leaf. Due to weather conditions over the years this has been worn off from the windward side but there is some evidence of the gold on the side from which the wind and rain infrequently come from.

We visited a monastery with lots of monks and novices. Buddhism pretty much requires all boys to spend some time as novices after age 6, I believe. The time could be as little as a week. Before age 6 kids can come but wear a white robe to distinguish them as pre-novices. They all arise around 4 AM , eat breakfast early and most head out to the environs to ask for food. They all return by 10 AM and line up for lunch, each bringing their food or money before going to the meal. This is quite a tourist attraction and many of us show up for the line up and procession into the dining area. Their last meal for the day begins at 10:30 AM. I do not know when they go to bed. The monastery receives those who want to study from all over, not just Myanmar.

We then crossed the Irrewaddy River, bargained for goodies and took horse carts to an old pagoda that is flooded in the rainy season and the site of the old capital whose buildings were all removed and taken to Amarapoura when the capital moved there. Many of the women we met at the river bank mounted bicycles and followed us several Km to try to sell their wares. We returned to the river where we had lunch prior to returning to the Mandalay side of the river.

After lunch we drove to Pwin-oo-Lwin , also known as Maymyo, and over 1000 meters above sea level where the Brits would relax during the hottest months. We visited old British era hotels being refurbished before arriving at our hotel where we each had our own private bungalow. The beds were on a stand and after getting down from them there were two more steps to the toilet.

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