Moldova exchange.

August 22, 2016 1:23 PM | Anonymous member

After attending a wonderful rock concert the evening before we left Cluj Napoca and drove four hours to Surdesti where the oldest tallest wooden church in the world is located. This church is designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. We were all impressed by the structure and the adjoining Cemetary. 

We than continued on to Sighet, Rominia to tour the Anti Communist Memorial. This was a very sobering experience for all of us to realize what had happened to the country and the people of Romania after World War II ended and the rest of the world allowed Russia to take over the country. 

This was followed  by a more enjoyable experience, the Merry Cemetary, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site.  Here is were the wooden crosses carry a funny epitaph about the person's life or what their profession was during their life. A very unique Cemetary I must say. 

We than continued on to the world's tallest wooden church which is currently under construction.  At this location we were within a stones throw of the Ukrainian  border  and our guide told us Ukraine wifi popped up on his iPhone.   Very expensive to say the least. 

Our final destination for the day was a home hosted dinner and a Maramurees folklore music and dance show. After sampling the Romanian homemade brandy(blueberry flavor the best) we all participated in the locale folk dancing before dinner.  After a wonderful dinner and more brandy we all retired for the evening at this Romanian "Bed and Breakfest" and look forward to another day of adventure in this wonderful country. 

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