August 23, 2016 12:32 PM | Anonymous member

We ended the tour's home hosting experience with a breakfast back at the site of our dinner last evening.  Some of our group had stayed there overnight, the rest of us were at their daughter's home a short distance away.  Our accommodations were very nice but we missed the personal interaction of our FF experiences.  A short walk from our host's house we watched brandy being distilled and large wool rugs being washed and enjoyed chatting with a retired woman who happily showed us family pictures.  She said all her neighbors would probably be jealous that she got to talk to us! Other stops included a visit a woodcarver, a lovely and serene nunnery and a small peasant's museum, all worthwhile.  Our trip from Maramures to Sighisoara thru the Carpathian Mountains, four hours and fifty eight minutes according to google maps, may have taken us a bit longer but the beautiful scenery and  expertise of our great driver made up for it.  late in the afternoon we had the opportunity to visit a home with two gypsy sisters.  One was in her mid twenties, twice divorced with two children.  The other was 14 years old, been forced to quit school after fifth grade and was engaged and didn't seem at all eager for her arranged marriage.  They were willing to answer any of our  questions about their lives and were very open about the limitations their traditions put on their lives.  We ended the day in a beautiful midevil walled city in a hotel once visited by Prince Charles.  We keep pretty fancy company!

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