26 August addendum

August 26, 2016 9:41 PM | Anonymous member

this is an addendum to Linda's input.

Several of us got together with our hosts to go to a watermelon patch outside of town. Of note is that once we arrived at a bridge over the Niestru River we noted a military presence on both sides of the bridge. (There is a portion of eastern Moldova called Transnistria which Contains mostly Russian persons. They have set up their own government, have their own money, etc) . The place we went to was about 20 K out of town. After picking several melons and eating a lot we packed up our melons and started to return at dusk. One of the drivers was in a German licensed vehicle and he got a thorough going over at the bridge .

We returned to Viorol Gaina's place for tea, desserts, followed by homemade wine before returning to our hosts' for dinner at 9:30 PM. Many Moldovans learn English from U.S. Movies and CNN so we do have CNN access in Chisinau. Btw Chisinau has free WiFi at high speeds throughout the city. It is amazing

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