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FF Sacramento Shutterbugs 

  • FF Sacramento Shutterbugs is now an official FFI Photography - Club Cluster.
  • Thanks for signing up to be a part of the cluster!  We have 20 online signups!  If you are not signed up and want to be included, individuals need to Go to http://bit.ly/FFIphoto  .  You will then be on the mailing list for Shutterbugs emails for important announcements.
  • Shutterbugs who have signed up so far are:  Basuki (2), Beland (1), Cirillo (1), DeBlonk (1), Flach (1), Ghiglieri (1), Hart (1), Imbsen (1), Latimer (1), Leopold (1), Maas (1), Martineau (2), Phelan (1), Sinnwell (1), C. Smith (1), K. Smith (1), Wiechman (1), Worrall (1)
  • There will be two meetings per month.  We hope you will always be able to attend both meetings as they build upon one another, but know that everyone has a busy schedule and if you miss a meeting or two, no worries.  Just pickup up where you left off, but do let us know whether you will be able to attend the meeting or not. There will be presentations and discussions of photographic topics and review of the previous meetings assignment (photographs) with helpful critique and suggestions.   Field trips will be up to members to organize if they want to do collaborative photo shoots.  
  • JANUARY MEETING SCHEDULE: Members are welcome to bring FINGER FOODS to SHARE & their own beverage.
  • January 12, 6:30- 8:30, Friday Evening,  (FIRST MEETING!)
    • Arcade Library, 2443 Marconi Ave near Fulton Blvd. (If you can, come at 6:00 for setup, stay until 9:00 for cleanup)
  • January 24, 1:30 - 3:30 Wednesday Afternoon, 
    • Arcade Library, 2443 Marconi Ave near Fulton Blvd. (If you can, come at 1:00 for setup, stay until 4:00 for cleanup)
Please register for the meetings so we know how many are coming by going to the event page.
  • Want to learn a little more about the Photo Clusters.  Here is a FAQ for you to look through.

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