Discover the Wild West

  • March 06, 2017
  • March 10, 2017
  • Sacramento, California

  Our club will be part of a three club exchange celebrating the Wild West.  The exchange starts February 24th in Tuscon Arizona with visits to Tombstone and a professional Rodeo.  

After 5 nights of hosting the Ambassadors will fly to Kern County for more old west adventures.  They will also visit Buck Owens Crystal Palace and a microbrewery or two.  

A train ride up the valley brings them to us on March 6th.  We'll host them for 4 nights with the following schedule:

  • Monday March 6- Arrival via Amtrak and then Welcome Lunch at Frank Fats in Old Town.
  • Tuesday March 7- 10:00 am Sutter's Fort & State Indian Museum; 2:15 pm Tour of State Capitol
  • Wednesday March 8- 10:00 am Coloma Gold Discovery Site; Afternoon free to explore Placerville area
  • Thursday March 8- Unscheduled day.  6:00 pm Farewell Party at May Flower Chinese Restaurant
Feel free to join us for any of the events and activities.  Call Chris Smith at (916) 712-6979 to confirm our plans.
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